World’s Largest Hockey Mural Supports Equity on Ice

Anyone driving on 6th Street, between Cedar and Wabasha, in downtown Saint Paul, would have a hard time missing this new art installation. Made in Minnesota is an original piece created by local artist Terrance Fogarty and commissioned by the Saint Paul Port Authority.

Upon completion, there will be a total of six panels, three on 6th Street and three on Cedar Street, measuring 300’ wide x 50’ high. According to our Google research, this should be the largest hockey mural in the world, beating out a 100’ mural in Toronto. Our goal behind the mural is to reflect on the outside what we want to see inside of the building.

“The demographics of Saint Paul are changing. Hockey, figure skating and other ice-related activities need to evolve and what better place than TRIA Rink, in the heart of Saint Paul, for this to happen,” says Lee Krueger, President, Saint Paul Port Authority.

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