1,000 Housing Units Coming to The Heights

Sherman Associates will be the lead housing developer at The Heights. Sherman’s plans include housing for all ages and incomes with strategic mix of housing types. This includes workforce market-rate, affordable, and deeply affordable housing with a blend of high- and mid-density options.

These products will partially fill a gap in the market commonly referred to as the “Missing Middle” and create ownership and rental opportunities for young families, large households, multigenerational households, and seniors.

“The vision we’re leading at The Heights embodies our shared commitment to long-term sustainability and high-quality affordable housing,” said Mayor Carter. “We are excited to bring this development to fruition with our partners and provide more family housing options in our growing city.”


Sherman will develop 700 multifamily units and then partner with JO Companies and Twin Cities Habitat for the rest. JO Companies is positioned to build an affordable housing building with 110 to 230 units and then Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity will round out the total with 130-150 affordable homebuyer options. Habitat builds will include townhomes (twin homes, triplexes, and fourplexes) and some single-family homes.

Each organizations has commitmented to provide high-quality housing with desirable amenities across all affordability levels.