1,000 Housing Units Coming to The Heights

Before purchasing the former Hillcrest Golf Club, the Saint Paul Port Authority conducted a market study which pointed to the fact that the City could absorb up to 1,000 housing units on the Greater East Side. While the master plan determines where housing units will be built, community engagement continues to influence the following topics:

  • Ownership structures
  • Affordability levels
  • Multi-generational options
  • Neighborhood aesthetics

Community Engagement at The Heights

The Saint Paul Port Authority spent much of 2021 focused on community engagement. Through this process, we learned what was most important to residents. Consequently, we learned that it is important to have ownership and rental options. We also heard loud and clear the need for affordable housing. Discussions will continue in 2022 with a housing workgroup.

Another important topic is shared community spaces. While we don’t have the resources to build, manage, or maintain a community center, we are looking at alternate options. Options that will give groups and organizations the space they need to come together. Right now, the best option seems to be activating the ground floor of multi-family housing units.

Selecting a Housing Developer

For the housing plan to be successful, we need the right housing developer(s) to support the wants and needs of the community. As part of this process, we will cast a wide net and advertise aggressively in the open market. Before selecting a developer, we need to work with the community to identify housing goals for the site.

All plans are contingent on the final Master Plan.