Saint Paul is home to the northernmost river terminals on the Mississippi River. The Saint Paul Port Authority owns four public river terminals within the Port of St. Paul. The primary harbor operator for the Port of St. Paul is Upper River Services, Inc.

River Terminals

Barge Terminal One

Barge Terminal One is located on the north side of the river between Pig’s Eye Lake and Mounds Park.

Established: 1934
Size: 57 acres
Number of Jobs: 252
Annual Property Taxes: $466K
Businesses: Bulk Silos, BWC Terminals, Cemstone, Flint Hills Resources, Hawkins, Holcim, and Northern Metal Recycling.
Shipping Products (inbound and outbound): Fertilizer, salt, aggregate, cement, scrap metal, feed additives, asphalt, and water treatment products.

Barge Terminal Two

Barge Terminal Two can be found on the river’s south bank under the Lafayette Bridge.

Established: 1960
Size: 3 acres
Number of Jobs: 30
Annual Property Taxes: $48K

Businesses: Upper River Services
Shipping Products: None (terminal is used for barge cleaning and repair services).

Red Rock Terminal

Red Rock Terminal is located near Pig’s Eye Lake and is part of a larger portion of land that the Saint Paul Port Authority acquired in the area, most of which has been dedicated for park use.

Established: 1964
Size: 272 acres
Number of Jobs: 615
Annual Property Taxes: $1.2 million
Businesses: Barton Enterprises, Continental Cement, Hawkins, and Viterra.
Shipping Products (inbound and outbound): Corn, soybeans, fertilizer, cement, scrap metal, asphalt, rebar, and water treatment products.

Southport Terminal

Southport Terminal is located just south of the Saint Paul Municipal Airport.

Established: 1964
Size: 119 acres
Number of Jobs: 147
Annual Property Taxes: $540K
Businesses: Alter Logistics, Alter Metal Recycling, Army Corp of Engineers, Barentz North America, City of Saint Paul Police Impound Lot, District Energy, Hawkins, Ingredient Transport, J.F. Brennan Company, and LS Marine.

Shipping Products (inbound and outbound): Recyclable metals, project cargo, rebar, steel coils, fertilizer, grain, feed ingredients, dredge materials, salt, and water treatment products.