Port Authority Spotlight: Ann Kosel

Ann Kosel – Executive Assistant


In 10 words or less what do you do at the Saint Paul Port Authority?

“I assist five awesome members of the Port Authority team.”

What about your job at SPPA motivates you to come to work in the morning and do what you do?

I feel most passionate about what we’ve done, what we do, and where we’re going.  I was hired back in 1985 when we were just wrapping up Energy Park and jobs are one of the most important parts of our mission because that’s how I got here.  My grandpa came to the United States in 1910 and came to Saint Paul because he heard there were jobs here. I think jobs create a future which creates hope and being part of that to me is the best feeling in the world.”

How did you get here?

“I graduated from high school and my mom was all over my case to get a job.  My friend told me there was a job at Saint Paul companies, Rushed into the interview, got the job.  Then a year after, I started looking for another job and reached out to Robert Half, got an interview with the Port Authority and here I am! I took 12 years off briefly to raise a family and was able to pick right back up like nothing changed.”

If you could have any other job for a day what and why?

“I have a huge artistic side to me, I enjoy all forms like pottery and painting.  But if I could only pick one, I would love to be a painter and go to Europe and paint for the day, that would be so cool.”

What are your future aspirations?

“Travel the world with my recently retired husband and continue to nurture and love my kids and grandkids.  Simply just live life to the fullest.”

What would you say is the most challenging part about working in your field?

“I would say the hardest part of my job is the coordination between schedules. Getting a hold of people is difficult in this busy world, it feels like you have to almost schedule time to breathe! The most challenging part for me is making sure I can find a time that works for everyone.”

What piece of advice or education you received relates most to your work on a daily basis?

“Live life the way you want to be remembered. It’s a piece of advice that has always stuck with me and is something that I always try to keep in mind for whatever I’m doing.”

What 3 things would you need if you were to get stranded on a deserted island?

“A tent because I hate bugs, a blow up mattress and a blanket. At least with those things I could get some decent sleep!”