ED101 Episode 5: PED and the Saint Paul Port Authority

On this episode, Dr. Bruce Corrie of the City of Saint Paul’s Planning and Economic Development Department (PED), talks about the partnership and future of this city’s economic engine.

Working Together

The Port is a very unique institution that we are fortunate to have in the city. Tied to the river and the commerce that is engage with it, but also the ability to do certain things and use certain resources and tools that we cannot do in the city with what we have in our existing framework. So that partnership has resulted in these business centers these clusters of businesses that the Port has recruited. They’re manufacturing and with the focus on job creation, diversity of businesses and so on.

PED: The City of Saint Paul’s Economic Arm

We are the development arm of the city our job is to increase the tax base, to grow jobs, to grow businesses to maintain the vibrant health of this economy not only in the downtown but also in the neighborhoods.

Shaping The Future

It’s a great partnership that we have established and is something that we want to build in the future. What we are finding increasingly happening is relying on the Port to partner with us on bigger development kind of projects because again, there’s certain things the Port can do and there are certain things we can do. And where we’re going to move our focus in the future to, looking at this new economy that’s emerging before us and again once again developing a set of strategies around core competencies. Together the city and the Port we can be a very powerful economic engine and resource for the city.