Meet the Saint Paul Port Authority Finance Team!

Welcome Aboard the Good Ship Finance!

Allow us to introduce you to the Saint Paul Port Authority’s Finance and Accounting Team. Led by the valiant Captain Bruce Kessel, CFO, and supported by the skilled crew of Cathy Mohr, controller, and Amanda Bauer, financial reporting analyst, this team is dedicated to guiding the Saint Paul Port Authority towards financial success.

With expertise and precision, these three masterfully navigate through numbers and spreadsheets, ensuring that the Saint Paul Port Authority is on the right financial course. With a steadfast mission in mind, their goal is crystal clear – meeting fiscal requirements and funding critical projects.

Keeping the Saint Paul Port Authority Finance Ship Afloat

Collectively, the Saint Paul Port Authority finance team possess a treasure chest of skills. They manage tasks with precision, prioritize effectively, and pay attention to even the smallest of details. They glide through numbers and spreadsheets with ease, while maintaining a united front through effective communication, professional standards, shared objectives, and a touch of fun.

A typical day includes sending invoices, recording bank activity, reconciling accounts, and managing loans, and many more. Beyond their daily routines, they also assist with monitoring bank activities, deciphering tax increments financing (TIF), and securing bonds.

Lifelong Learners

Like seasoned sea captains, the team quickly acknowledges the importance of continuous learning. They establish relationships, attend conferences, learn from others, and engage in extensive reading to expand their knowledge.

As a result, the team’s technical skills are exceptional. Each member is highly proficient in making quick calculations and navigating financial software with ease.

The Highs and Lows of the Voyage

When asked about the highs and lows of the accounting journey, the team expressed deep satisfaction when reconciling PACE loan payments, witnessing balance restored, making an impact at The Heights, and breaking free from the daily routine to explore new opportunities. And while low points are inevitable, these three face challenges with grace by prioritizing tasks, managing interactions with financial entities, and adapting to ever-changing circumstances.

Pearls of Wisdom from Saint Paul Port Authority Finance

And when asked about the secret to their success, there’s what our team members shared.

Some days will be challenging but remember to celebrate the little victories [like finding a hidden treasure].” – Amanda Bauer

Always go with your gut [it’s your compass in the storm].” – Cathy Mohr

The more you network, the easier your job becomes and the more opportunities you find [leading you into unchartered waters].” – Bruce Kessel.