Introducing Rahma Yahya

Rahma Yahya, Intern

Once again, the Saint Paul Port Authority is lucky to have a talented high school student on staff this summer. Rahma Yahya, a soon to be senior at Step Academy, came to us through the Saint Paul Right Track program. Because this is her first job, said that she was nervous at first but also excited.

She quickly added that her experience has been much better than what she could have imagined. She adds, “It’s not that hard; some things are easy.” In the past month, she has learned how to use Excel, Teams, and Outlook. According to Dana Krueger, Yahya’s immediate supervisory, “I love how quickly she is picking up on the projects we give her.”

When asked what she likes most about her job, Yahya says it’s her cube. She explains, “I have a lot of like space to do anything I want. Like if I have a lot of papers, I have cabinets to put [them] in.”

Yahya’s long-term goal is to attend the University of Minnesota after high school to get a nursing degree. Right now, she’s interested is being a surgical nurse. When asked why, Yahya said “I would get to be in the operating room, but not really doing the operation.”

Yahya believes that working with the Saint Paul Port Authority and Right Track is preparing her for the future. “It’s giving me more experience in the workplace and how it really works. So, if I could have another future job later, I might know how to work.”