Green Industry

Did you know buildings consume nearly half of all energy produced in the United States?

According to Architecture 2030, buildings generate 45% of all CO2 emissions in the United States. It’s a challenge the Saint Paul Port Authority takes seriously. As Monte Hilleman, SVP of Real Estate Redevelopment states, “We’re in the business to get things built.” In 2018, our board has already approved two new projects at our Beacon Bluff Business Center (Yeadon Domes and Vomela Printing).

New Jobs and Tax Growth

These projects will bring jobs to Saint Paul’s East Side. More importantly, these jobs will pay family supportable wages and most will be attainable to those with only a high school degree or GED. In addition, these businesses will impact the city’s tax base by paying in more than they will use in services. It is this surplus that covers key city services including parks, bike paths, libraries, police and fire.

Going Green

At the same time, the Saint Paul Port Authority is committed to the “greening” of the new businesses we support in the City of Saint Paul. More than 10 years ago, we incorporated protective covenants that focus on sustainable design with requirements in place to ensure the following:

·        Carbon footprint reporting

·        Highly energy efficient buildings

·        Renewable energy opportunities

·        Next generation storm water management

·        Native planting in the green spaces surrounding our business centers

 Looking ahead, the Port Authority’s future goals include:

·        Development of a Net Zero Energy commercial building

·        Adding performance metrics to our next generation storm water management

·        Continuing to work with policy makers to influence the most effective balance between the economy, environment and community