Small Business Loan Success Story

LifeStyle Day Center

LifeStyle Day Center, located on University Avenue and owned by Sheng Amerson, offers a dynamic social community for seniors and adults needing special care. Participants are welcomed to the facility between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. During that time, they benefit from social interactions with friends, exercise opportunities, catered lunches, and healthy snacks. Staff also provides one-on-one assistance for things like medical appointments, mail translation, and transportation.

COVID-19 Impact

The business model took a hard hit following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Doors closed for three months. Participants, many who live alone in nearby senior high-rises, were forced into isolation. And, despite the loss of income, rent and utility bills continued to roll in.


The Saint Paul Port Authority’s Small Business Loan Program came at just the right time. LifeStyle Day Center used the loan to cover outstanding bills. More importantly, they used the money to get the business back up and running. As Amerson describes, she was in a position where she needed to “rebuild the business from the ground up.”


As of July 2020, LifeStyle Adult Day Center is open for business and participants are the ones who truly benefit. As Amerson explains, “These people are coming out of their single, one-bedroom apartments. They’re here. They’re with their friends, six-fee apart. The social interaction is what lifts their spirits.”