Environmental Savings: Money & BTUs


Did you know MinnPACE can save businesses money and energy by financing 100% of upfront costs for energy saving financing?

Saint Paul Authority manages two state-wide energy saving finance programs (MinnPACE & TrillionBTU).  Both programs help commercial business owners make investments that significantly lower their energy usage with financial options that in most cases are more than covered by the amount saved on utilities.  As Michael Linder, loan officer, states “When you look at PACE financing we can do up to 10 years.  So, we can place an assessment on their property taxes, and they repay the system over 10 years.  But the if the system itself was going to replace or repay itself in 5 or 8 years, you can see they’re saving money on an annual basis… if we can finance 100% of that, there is no out of pocket money and they’re saving money instantly.”  Save energy and money? Instantly?  I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

Typical Upgrades

  • LED Lights
  • HVAC Units
  • Air Compressors
  • Solar Panels

Moving forward

The purpose behind the TrillionBTU program is to reduce annual energies by a trillion BTU’s.  Currently the program is half way to their goal with 500 Billion BTU’s of energy saved, annually.

SPPA energy financing stats for 2017:

  • Ranked 3rd in the nation for energy financing
  • Funded 70 total projects
  • Supplied $26.7 million in energy financing
  • Saved 97 billion BTU’s