ED101 Episode 3: Brownfield Remediation

ED101 Episode 3: Brownfield Remediation

Brownfield’s and Brownfield Remediation are a main focus at the Saint Paul Port Authority and a large part of our economic development focus. Here to explain Brownfield’s and why they play a major role in our organization is SVP of Real Estate Redevelopment Monte Hilleman. 


What is Brownfield remediation?

A brownfield is typically an urban site that is either has real or perceived contamination that prevents the site from being invested in. brownfield remediation involves investigating and finding out exactly what hazardous substances are in the soil and groundwater, and taking measures to clean that up so they no longer pose health risks.

Why should we invest in Brownfields?

This will bring opportunity for business expansion, business attraction which is very valuable, this land and these urban sites is scarce, were not making any more of it. And as we see shifting populations moving back into the city, we see businesses wanting to invest in the urban core.  We need to recycle this land.

What is SPPA doing to remediate Brownfields?

We’re recycling the land, we’re removing those threats and allowing that land to be put back into productive use in our community’s.  I get to see the port authority in a very hands on very visceral way. A giant back-hoe, digging globs of contamination out of the earth to make it safe for people to recreate on, live on, work on. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.