Community Engagement at The Saint Paul Port Authority

At the heart of The Saint Paul Port Authority’s community outreach efforts is a team of three talented women: Andrea Novak, Laurie Siever, and Gao Iab Thao. SVP of marketing and communications, community engagement manager, and community engagement assistant respectively, they form a cohesive unit unified by open communication, collaborative work, and good humor.

Complementary Perspectives for Seamless Teamwork

With varied backgrounds and experience, their unique skillsets interlock perfectly. Andrea provides big picture marketing strategy, Laurie facilitates grassroots community building, and Gao is focused on creating impactful digital content. By dividing responsibilities according to their strengths, they achieve more together than any could alone.

Champions of The Saint Paul Port Authority’s Mission

This team serves other departments, sharing important updates through social media and community outreach. They provide behind-the-scenes looks into the organization’s operations to foster public understanding and spearhead initiatives that engage Saint Paul residents and businesses.

Continuous Advancement of Lifelong Learners

While managing the day-to-day needs of their jobs, Andrea, Laurie, and Gao remain dedicated students of their craft. Andrea has expanded her ability to reach wider audiences through grassroots efforts. Laurie has honed her skills in relationship building and business diplomacy. And Gao has jumped head first into designing animations and updating the Saint Paul Port Authority’s website.

Driven by Passion for the Mission

When asked about motivations, all three express a deep commitment to community service. Laurie is fueled by her love for the City of Saint Paul, while Andrea derives satisfaction from simplifying complex information. For Gao, it’s the joy of absorbing new knowledge. They agree their favorite part of the job is developing partnership and finding ways to make a difference in the City of Saint Paul.

Imparting Hard-Earned Wisdom

After facing challenges like public negativity, they offer this advice: “look at different perspectives” – Andrea, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions” – Laurie advises. At the Saint Paul Port Authority, this forward-thinking team leads by example, showing how communication, collaboration, and curiosity drive progress.