Art Murals at The Heights

This information is subject to change. Final design formats will need to be decided in collaboration with the commercial property owners.

  • Artwork should be in a CMYK format plus any spot colors .
  • Artwork should be sized to a final output resolution of 100ppi (scaling is allowed).
  • If Pantone colors are desired, they should be used as spot colors in the art.
  • If using InDesign or Illustrator, all links and fonts should be included with the art.
  • If using fonts, it is preferred that the fonts are outlined.
  • Bleeds are required for most applications, and should be created with a 2″ bleed.

Addition Tips

  • To avoid “branding” in gradients, create your gradients in Photoshop and add a little bit of noise. Ilustrator graidents tend to show banding or stepping.
  • For best results, avoid using PANTONE colors with any types of effects or transparencies. Use the CMYK values for more predictable results.