1021 E Bandana Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55108
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True to its name, Energy Park is powered by renewable energy and populated by energy-efficient businesses. The entire complex adheres to strict energy-saving covenants for industry, housing and recreational outlets.

Pre- & Post Development of Energy Park Business Center

One of the first businesses in the center was Control Data Corp.’s 241,000-square-foot ETA Systems complex. Ten years later, the center was remodeled and  expanded into an operations center for First Bank System – the merger of the First National Bank of Saint Paul and the First National Bank of Minneapolis. Today  the system is known as U.S. Bancorp. The 361,000-square-foot banking complex at Lexington Parkway and Energy Park Drive operates around the clock and  employs over 2,000 people. Energy Park was the location of the Port’s first joint equity venture to develop a 4-acre federal Super Fund site. The partnership produced a 100,000-square foot  building that now is home to Kemps Ice Cream and the national testing firm, Thomson Prometrics.