This information is in addition to the Saint Paul Port Authority Data Practices Policy and only applies when the Requester, their minor child(ren), or their ward(s) are identified in the information requested.

Data About You

The Government Data Practices Act presumes that government data is public unless a state or federal law shows otherwise. Public data is available to anyone who asks, regardless of reason.

Private data is not available to the public, but if it is about you, your minor child(ren), or your ward(s), SPPA will share it with you or someone who has your permission.

Confidential data cannot be shared by you or the public. SPPA will inform you if the information requested is confidential. You have the right appeal this decision.

You also have the right to challenge the accuracy and/or completeness of any public or private data provided. To appeal or challenge any information, please contact us via email.

Proof of Identity

SPPA will require you to provide proof of identity when requesting private data about you, your minor child(ren), or ward(s). All Requesters, including minors, must provide a valid photo ID. The following are acceptable: state driver’s license, state ID, military ID, passport, tribal ID, or school ID.

If you are requesting information about a minor or ward, we will require certified documentation establishing this relationship. The following are acceptable: birth certificate, court order, foster care contract, affidavit of parentage, court order(s), or valid power of attorney.