At the Saint Paul Port Authority, we celebrate all things Saint Paul made. There are thousands of products made right here in Saint Paul from candy, salsa and beer to retail displays, medical devices and more. From our perspective, these companies are the backbone of our city.

Fighting Poverty with Jobs

But their value goes beyond hometown pride. We support manufacturing because we see these companies as poverty busters. With a job in manufacturing, someone with only a high school degree or GED can make a living wage. With benefits. And room for advancement.

And, as we talk with manufacturers, we see first-hand the advancements happening in the field. Factories are cleaner, brighter and more energy efficient.

Building Tax Base

In addition to jobs, manufacturers contribute significantly to the tax base. While nonprofits pay no taxes, and residents pay less than services used, industrial tax payers fill the gap to ensure our city has the funds needed to make it a great place to live, work and play.